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Customers’ Journey Webinar


The Customers’ Journey webinar helps you align sales and marketing investments with your customers’ most pressing needs.

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This is the first in a series of webinars addressing the needs of lead generation for small businesses.  Paid registrants will receive the Customer’s Journey Playbook which includes an overview, vision, landscape, and the business case with strategies and tactics for digital lead generation – 25 pages of packed ideas to generate new business.

For a limited time, we’re providing paid registrants a customized WordPress site or 1 free month of our Plus Pack consisting of email, social media and content marketing to help you implement the strategy.

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Small Businesses are faced with an expanding ecosystem of legacy websites, mobile sites, and apps that their customers are using.

As a small business owners, consultant, or entrepreneur, you can use the customer’s journey playbook to help your firm develop a strategy, road map, and practice for improving lead and revenue generation.

No matter your firm’s starting point — as a small business owner, marketing or sales professional, you play a pivotal role in helping your company generate new business. We start the Customers’ Journey webinar series with Meeting the Changing Needs of Connected Customers and continue with lead generation strategies that your firm can engaged in that will serve the needs of your customers and generate new business for you.